Sunday, August 9, 2009

Modelling Progress

I've been testing CATT Acoustic v7 ( and it's no "Sketch Up". The interface is difficult at first so I will have to spend more time with it before I can make a judgement. Thus far it seems only to produce coloured diagrams again. Has anyone come across other software, even better still if it's Mac compatible?

It seems as though software available for music industry rather than construction / engineering sector seem to have better interfaces and produce audible results.

Using a 7 band equaliser in the sound recording programme ProTools and a low end reverb D-Verb plug in I can proximate the effects of materials but this does not give a comprehensive room model. Altiverb from Audio Ease appears to have the ability to record the acoustic of a room for post production in films etc. and many other useful facets that would suit modelling a room acoustic. It cost $1,200 for the most basic version, however, so I'm going to see if I can get an evaluation version.

Other less expensive plug ins include;
IK Multimedia ARC System Plug-In "Software based advanced room correction"
RealVerb may be a more cost effective alternative.

Please Reply/Comment on this post if you have any findings. Daire

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Agenda from Meeting 27th July for 3rd August

(Contact Daire and general)

1. Identify programs which can be used without excessive cost

2. Test and make simple models in chosen programs

3. Test execution of sound tests using wide range of sounds.

Sound Modelling:

The effects of proportion on sound will be examined prior to installation and form the basis for the series of musical miniature studies. This research topic seeks to develop simple ways of modelling sound in a ‘sketchup’ type way.

Examine to following:

Best and user friendly software for computer sound modelling appropriate to architects.

Carry out tests with view to potential sound ruler typologies.

Propose best method for developing ‘sound ruler’ results.

Package into coherent visual presentation.

Present findings next monday 3rd August at 8pm.